There are two hunting associations operating in Ljig municipality: Rajac from Ljig and Kacer from Belanovica. Hunting association Rajac is managing a hunting ground with the same name, which covers area of 19,197 ha, from 124 m to 864 m altitude. A position of this hunting ground is favorable for all hunting types and methods, including plain, hilly and mountain mode of hunting, as well as using all kinds of hunting dogs (hounds, pointers etc.) Hunting is possible during the entire hunting season. The hunting area is rich in all kinds of wildlife, especially roe dears, rabbits, pheasants. There are less wild boars and predators such as foxes, martens, jackals, etc. Hunting association Rajac has been organizing a fox-hunting event with the hounds called “Golden Rajac’s Fox”. It takes place on the slopes of Rajac. It is one of the oldest events of its kind with a lot of related content, such as hunting wild boar, underground vermin hunting, clay pigeon shooting competition etc. The association is also providing hosting service for hunters and tourists. At the moment, they offer shooting cull deer, pheasant and rabbit. The hunting ground has some hunting and technical facilities that require restoration and furnishing in order to provide an adequate service within the hunting tourism. A hunting ground “Kacer” is being managed by the Hunting Association of the same name. Hunting ground covers an area of 8,500 hectares including the parts of six settlements (Poljanice  Kalanjevci, Šutci, Belanovica, Živkovci and Kozelj). The most abundant species were: rabbit, pheasant, deer, wild boar, partridge, fox, marten, badger, quail, dove, pigeon, and wild duck and so on. This hunting area provides an opportunity for hunting throughout the entire hunting season, as long as the height of the snow covers is below 10 cm. There are following hunting facilities: hunting stand, hunting stand in the trees, feeding sites etc. rajackalisica2014