The events

1. Rajac Golden Fox (January)

Hunting Association “Rajac” from Ljig organizes hunting “Golden Fox “with the hounds on the slopes of Rajac Mountain. It is one of the oldest events of its kind with a lot of related content, such as hunting wild boar, underground vermin hunting, clay pigeon shooting competition etc.

2. Dusko Jovanovic Memorial  (April)

A competition in the mountain orientation cross takes place on Rajac, and is organized by the mountaineering club Pobeda from Belgrade.

3. Rajac Scythe Festival (July)

Rajac Scythe Festival is an event of a traditional character organized in honor of the mowers from the rural areas. It takes 3 days and is being held every year on the first Sunday after St. Peter’s Day. This is the event with a long tradition, known beyond the borders of Serbia. It is unique and the largest cup competition in the world that gathers winners from local and regional mowing contests, as well as tens of thousands of visitors every year. …more…link!

4. Ljig Culture Evenings (July)

Ljig Cullture Evenings are held a week prior to Rajac Scythe Festival. It takes several days and is organized by Ljig City Library. Visitors can enjoy various contents: artistic exhibitions, shows, concerts etc. In addition to the invited performers, an important part of the program is to present young and unknown artists and children from Ljig and its surroundings.

5. Festival of Violin in Moravci (August)

It is a festival and competition of violin players from Ljig and surroundings. It is held in Moravci village, supported by local government.

6. Sumadia’s Village Fairs (June, August and October)

7. A Day of Clean Mountains at Rajac (September)

Mountaineering Club Pobeda organizes a Belgrade Trophy event as a competition in mountaineering, walking, hiking, navigation running, biking, orienteering and rope pulling. As a part of the event it will be held action of Rajac and its surroundings cleaning.

8. Hadzi – Djera Days (September)

A Monastery of St. Archangel Gabriel from Moravci organizes an event dedicated to Archimandrite Gerasim Georgijevic, better known as Hadzi Djera, and its significance for the people of Ljig and Serbia, especially in the First Serbian Uprising. The event lasts several days and includes: ceremonial opening, themed literary evenings, concerts and other cultural and artistic performances that celebrate the history and tradition of this region. During the event a thematic art colony is also being held.