About Us

Tourist Association Ljig was founded in 1969. The Assembly of the Ljig municipality transformed the Tourist Association to Tourism Organization Ljig on March, 30th 2001, under the Law on Public Services. Cultural and historical heritage, as well as the richness of nature in the Ljig municipality contribute to the development of different tourism types: spa, excursions, rural, sport and recreation, events, hunting, transit, religious, etc. In order to promote the tourist values of Ljig municipality, Tourism Organization performs following activities: *reception and stay of tourists, as well as providing all necessary information; *create or participate in organizing the events held in Ljjig municipality; *cooperate with all local stakeholders in order to create and place local tourism products; *create and publish promotional material; *perform all other activities according to the Law on Tourism and Tourism Organization Ljig Statute.

turisticka ljig

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