Religion and Spirituality

Territory of Ljig municipality is divided on two eparchies: Valjevo Eparchy (western from river Ljig) and Zica Eparchy (eastern side of river Ljig) There are several orthodox churches and on monastery: – Monastery of St. Archangel Gabriel, Moravci – St. Ilija’s Church, Ba – Intercession of the Theotokos Church, Belanovica – St. Nicola’s Church, Ivanovci – St. George’s Church, Latković – St. John Precursors Church, Ljig – St. Archangel Gavril Church, Cvetanovci – Twelve Apostles hurch, Štavica – Holy Transfiguration Church, Slavkovica The monastery in Moravci is the single monastery in Ljig municipality. Next to the church is a grave of Archimandrite Gerasim Georgijevic, better known as Hadzi Djera. He was a spiritual leader and one of the key drivers of the First Serbian Uprising. Hadzi – Djera was the first educator in Ljig. Since 1798 in the monastery in Moravci  he writes, translates and teaches children. Written books from that period with his signature are even now are in the treasury of this church. When the action of cutting the Dukes in 1804 started, he was murdered by Turkish army during the morning service, in front of the altar, while praying to God and blessing the people. It was said that his death affected the Serbian leader Kara-George the best. He used to visit Hadzi-Djera before going to the battle, to get blessing and consult him about the plans he had. Very close to the f Ljig River spring in Ba village, there is a church which dates from the period of despot Stefan Lazarevic governing. It was renovated last time in 1999. There are several tombstones, surrounding the church, named “krajputasi” from the late 19th century. The Church of Transfiguration in Slavkovica was built in 1875. Icons created in wood were made in Dokmir school manner in 1820.