Rajac – Naure Park

Rajac Mountain with the highest altitude of 848m is a northeastern part of the Suvobor Mountain. 

Most of it territory belongs to Ljig municipality, and smaller one is a part of Gornji Milanovac.

It is 10 km away from Ibar highway, 14 km from Ljig, 34 km from Gornji Milanovac and less than 100 km from Belgrade.

Rajac is one of the most attractive mountains within the complex of Valjevo’s mountains. Nature was very generous to this area providing it the specific forms of relief, interesting hydrographic elements, characteristic wildlife, various and numerous plant species. Due to its exceptional beauty, old travelers named Rajac as “Paradise on the Earth”. In Serbian language the word „paradise“ means „raj“. Therefore, it is also a wordplay.

An area of ​​1,200 ha has been protected since 1963 as a landscape of special natural beauty (Category III). There are karst forms of relief (surface and underground) and 12 speleological objects.

Rajac Cave (Small Abyss) is situated 500 m south from the Mountaineer House and Postanska Stedionica Resort. This cave is not the largest speleological object on wider area of Rajac, but it deserves attention because of the totality of morphological elements, the rich decoration and the position of the local road that leads through Rajaca.

The entrance channel is 30 m long, with average inclination of 30 degrees. This part has a bit of decoration, some transparent stalactites and cave rocks on the walls. At the end of the canal, towards south, there is a channel about 20 m long, with watercourses.

According to the measurements conducted in many years period, summer period on Rajac lasts longer than 4 months. The climate is temperate continental with humidity in the summer months about 65%. South wind prevails. Climate and therapeutic values are favorable for healing of anemia.

Rajac, as a part of Suvobor Mountain, has always attracted numerous nature lovers by its beauty. Exactly the enthusiasts of the Mountaineering Club Pobeda were the main initiators of the accelerated development of the area. The Mountaineer House “”Dusko Jovanovic” was the nucleus of current tourist center forming.

Rajac offers numerous possibilities for organizing diverse tourist activities: sport, hiking, hunting, paragliding, cycling competitions, horse riding, tourist events etc.